What to do if you find your roof is leaking

What to do if you find your roof is leaking

Living in the United Kingdom, it is not unusual to have problems with your roof – especially when you take into account the kind of weather that we have. Most people prefer to repair roof problems themselves – and it makes sense. You’ll save money and get the job done.

Some problems require the assistance of a professional roofer, but common problems such as leaks can be fixed by yourself. The first step is to find the cause of your leak on the roof; below, we’ve put together some top tips for finding the cause of your roof leak.

  • Remember that your leak won’t necessarily present itself at its cause, so dig deep and open up your ceiling to find out where the specific site is.
  • Try to “think like water”. Imagine where water could seep or pass through; find loose nails, look at tiles, and look for gaps between your hardwoods for clues.
  • Look for leak causes (like holes, cracks and gaps) in daylight, as light will pass through from outside and make it easier to spot. Alternatively, use a bright flashlight.
  • Look out for water marks on the ceiling or the walls and trace the source from there.

Once you’ve found the source of your leak, you’ll have a tangible idea of how to fix it. For severe roof leak causes, it’s best to call a professional roofer for advice and assistance, but for small repair jobs, you should be able to carry out the work on your own.

Vent roof leaks

The two materials used for plumbing vents are plastic and metal. If you have the plastic pipe, you’ll likely find a crack in the system. If you have a metal pipe, on the other hand, then you should look for problem seams. If the problem cannot be found in the pipe, check the rubber boot – this can be replaced or fixed using a sealant.

Roof vent leaks

Just like with the vent pipe mentioned above, you should check the material used for your vent and look for similar problems. You may need to replace the vent in its entirety or seal around the affected area to reduce the chances of leaks and further damage.

Wall and dormer leaks

It should be easier to find these leaks as they will be reflected by water stains. To repair wall and dormer leaks, consider using caulk, which can be picked up at your local DIY store.

Complex roof problems such as issues with roof flashing, multiple hole problems, or leaks regarding loose chimney bricks are better checked and resolved by professional roofers.

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